Depression and Anxiety or Major Depression

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Unlike depression and anxiety stress can be useful and it is only when it becomes too strong that it becomes a problem. It is related to pressure and often helps us to cope with it. General anxiety disorder is the most common anxiety disorder and appears as excessive worrying. It is above and beyond the normal level of worry we all have and there are signs of it being hereditary. Major Depression is more serious and covers a temporary period when life is not easy to live. As with anxiety anyone could be a sufferer although there are issues from the past that will mean that it is more likely that issues such as childhood abuse or the loss of someone close.

How to know “Am I Depressed?”

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Lots of people will ask themselves “am I depressed?” and it is a hard question to answer. Sometimes the answer will be yes, sometimes no, and sometimes you are on the way to being depressed. Depression and anxiety are serious conditions and it is important that if you are suffering from one of them that you take time out to sort out the problem.

Symptoms of Stress and General Anxiety Disorder

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Although there will be many different symptoms of stress it will be easy to recongnise a lot of them in people who are suffering from it. People who are stressed will tend to become over anxious and very often burst into tears for no discernible reason. Stress is not always a negative thing, but when it is long lasting and starts to have a negative impact on the way the person is living, it is a problem. The most common for is classed as a general anxiety order.

To Test Anxiety

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There are many tests online that will test anxiety and are supposed to give an indication as to whether or not you are depressed and most ask roughly the same questions:- Do you want to self harm or die? Have you stopped enjoying things you used to love doing? Are you tired and indecisive most of the time? Are you sad or sleeping too much?

Depression Medication and Taking the Depression Quiz

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While these questions may be the first indication you need, it should not be taken as a definite yes or no as to whether you are depressed or not. Regardless of the answers it will be best to seek medical help and even consider depression medication. The depression quiz has been the first step that many people have taken on the road to recovery and it is amazing how many people would have never considered depression as the issue if they had not done it

Teen Depression and What To Look Out For

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It is easy to think the actions of a sulky teenager who can’t get their own way teen depression, but there is a great deal of difference between the two conditions. There is the risk that it will lead to alcohol or drug abuse as an attempt is made to lift the mood or drown out the difficult feelings. Suicide is always going to be an extreme result, but there are times when it happens and often it is the people that you would least expect to do it. When they are depressed the teenager can be sad or angry, become withdrawn and no longer interested in hobbies or friends, show signs of tiredness and a desire to sleep for long periods of time.

Depressing quotes and Stress Quotes

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There is a history of famous people who have suffered from depression and some have been eloquent when it comes to putting their feelings into words through depressing quotes. As long ago as the 1500’s William Shakespeare was talking about depression and making the differentiation between symptoms being from a physical illness and a case of depression. Macbeth and the Doctor discussed the health of a patient and the doctor described her condition as having “thick coming fancies” that disrupt her resting time.

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For anyone who has ever been depressed, the explanation from F Scott Fitzgerald will ring so true when he talks about the dark times being at 3 am when others sleep. Elizabeth Wurtzel shows the frightening side when she says how the worst thing is thinking you will live. When it comes to stress they tend to be a little more humorous stress quotes such as someone being so stressed out over being stressed that it causes stress and that stresses them out!!

Anti Anxiety Drugs

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There are a lot of drugs that will be prescribed as anti anxiety drugs including Prozac which will also be used for a wide range of other conditions and works to improve sleep patterns, moods and alleviate the unwanted thoughts of self harm that may occur. Tranquilizers – the name given to anti anxiety drugs help to slow down the central nervous system and the most common ones are Benzodiazepines which includes Xanax and Valium. They bring relief in around 30 minutes and are excellent for when panic attacks occur and there is a need to get them under control quickly.

How to Reduce Stress

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Learning how to reduce stress will make life a lot easier if you have been subject to attacks of stress or depression in the past. The first thing to do will be to work out what it is that is causing you the stress. After that has done, set out a plan that will help, and make sure that it is one that you will be able to stick to. Don’t be afraid to ask for the help of others as despite the fears that others will not understand, many will have been in the same position themselves. If you realise that there are events or people who are responsible for the stress, don’t be afraid to cut them out of your life. Learn to relax and this could be by taking exercise or just clearing out your mind and concentrating on nothing at all. If you can afford it you could have a massage and let everything that worried you be rubbed away. Anxiety, stress and depression will never be pleasant, but there are ways to combat it and unless there are extreme circumstances, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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